Friday, December 12, 2014

What Did You Do With My Elvis Santa?!!!


I never cease to  be amazed at how much change jumps up and bites me.

You'd think I'd be able to handle change smoothly considering how much I teach it all over the country.

Three weeks ago I moved  and we combined houses. I'm delighted about the move (other than the fact that I keep stubbing my toe on things that I don't remember being THERE!)

So, it's Christmas and this is tree and decoration weekend and we need to decide whose ornaments, lights, Santas, dishes, elf hats, reindeer, fake mistletoe, doorhangers, Santas (an army) and footy pajamas to use...ok, that last one was probably TMI.

I pulled out all our stuff and it fills half a room and while it would make sense to start paring down the selection, this weekend is not the time. Next July, with a couple of bottles of wine and some cold beers we can make those decisions.

This year the process will probably go something like this, "I like that, let's put it over there." and "I've always put this out, you ok with it?"

But, there will surely be a, "You're not really going to put that out, are you?" and "Holy S***! Don't tell me you put that out at Christmas!!"

Laughter will follow because we have that kind of relationship, but there'll definitely be an, "Ok, we can put it out, but put it over there (where it's unlikely to be seen)."

Dealing with change effectively in any setting comes down to a few basics; awareness, communications, patience and action.

And, oh yeah, wine and cold beer.

See you Monday, have a great weekend.

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