Thursday, February 26, 2015

Are You Into An "S" Curve or a "J" Curve?

Most folks know about the "S" Curve in terms of successful work, entrepreneurship, relationships and other areas of human action . It's the logic that things rarely go straight up, they gain traction and speed slowly in an S shape until, at the top, they plateau and then start easing downward due to boredom, lack of effort or knowledge, or the impact of outside forces.

I recently saw and read an explanation of the "J" Curve that makes a lot of fact, it seems more realistic than the "S" Curve.

When we start a new venture  (business, job, learning anything new) we often find that things don't go well immediately. They take a downward turn or we experience friction or we don't know what we need to know. That's the curve at the bottom of the "J".

But, if we keep at it, if we can "stay the course" as Daddy George Bush used to say, we start seeing some progress. We can add effort, knowledge, resources and focus and the experience becomes more successful. We pick up the pace and the next thing you know we're gaining altitude.

The key is to not give up just because you take a little--or big--dip into the bottom of the "J".

Here's the rub, though. How do you know that the initial dip won't turn into a full-blown nosedive?! All you can do is have faith and keep learning, keep trying and keep making what you hope are good decisions until you discover you're making the turn upward...or that it just ain't gonna work.

The "J" Curve. A good thing to know when you're starting anything new.

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