Monday, March 23, 2015

Choose Another Team

So, how'd you do with March Madness? If you didn't fill out a bracket, find one and fill it out today.

The great thing about bracketology is that unless you're a gambler (I'm blowing $5) you get to redo your bracket after every weekend...sometimes after every game!

In a lot of ways, life can be like that. If you understand that most of the time, even if you royally mess up, you can start over. You get to pick another direction, try something new, and see how that works out.

Long-time coaches, even the less-than-successful ones, understand the futility of looking back and saying, "You know, I wish I'd never gotten into coaching." They did what they did.

Same thing with life; it's a waste of time to fumble around with, "I wish I hadn't taken that job," "married him (her)," "started smoking (drinking/drugs/buffets)."

We all did what we did.

So, what are you going to do today? Is it the same ole, same ole...or, are you making a decision to do something new...orrrrrrr, at least think about the old in a new way?

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