Wednesday, March 25, 2015

My Friend, Nora, and $10 Million

Today I received a wonderful email from Nora in Ghana.  
No…not Ghana, West Virginia…Ghana, Africa. It seems that Nora wants me to help her do God’s work. 
The email says Nora’s husband, Tony, deposited $10 million in a bank in Ghana before he sadly passed away and Nora, now experiencing some health problems herself, says God told her to contact me, transfer the money to my account in the United States, and then come to the U.S. to meet me and continue her good work.
All I have to do is send her my full name, address and telephone number. Nora didn’t ask for my bank account number, but she’ll probably need that in the near future so she can transfer the $10 million.
Ok…here’s a couple of concerns I have about this. I think God’s pretty cool and I have what I believe is a pretty good relationship with Him/Her/It. If He/She/It wanted to give me $10 million some of those lottery tickets I’ve bought for the last few years would have numbers that REMOTELY looked like the winning numbers. My numbers are so far off it’s like they were pulled from a jar on the planet Nochance in the YeahProbably galaxy.
Second, if God wanted Nora to hook up with me, He/She/It would go ahead and give Nora my personal info. I mean, we talk every night—me and God, not me and Nora—so it’s not like God doesn’t know where I am.
Third, if Nora is in as bad a shape, health-wise, as her email makes her sound, she ought to be spending some of that 10 mill on a doctor…I’m just sayin’.
Finally, my friend, Elaine, is a vp for a major bank and she says these sorts of scams nail older customers for millions of dollars every year. If you have a senior friend who starts talking about something like this warn them, in a respectful way, away from it.

Good luck to Nora.

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