Friday, March 20, 2015

Throwing Darts at a Bracket Board

This is the best weekend in sports! It beats the Super Bowl, Final Four, Masters, World Cup, NBA Finals, Daytona and Indy, and the World Series.
In no other weekend during the year do you get to see the excitement of all the clips from the fantastic buzzer-beaters in Thursday/Friday games. No other weekend has all the human interest stories. If you haven’t seen the Georgia State coach fall off his stool when HIS SON, R.J. Hunter, hit a winning three-pointer, you need to go to and check it out.
I don’t believe there’s another weekend during the year that invites sports fans—even the lukewarm ones—to lose themselves. Every now and then we need a weekend to just kick back, be worthless, eat badly and cheer for someone. 
So, pick a team or 3! I filled out a bracket the other day and after Thursday I am so far lost I might as well have thrown darts at the teams to pick who would win. But, it’s a big time!

Have fun, pull for SOMEONE and we’ll see you Monday.

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