Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Time to Give Up the Fight

***This is a little longer than usual, so hang with me.

If you've never heard "Come In From the Cold" performed by George Benson or Marc Broussard click over to  after you read this and listen. It's a wonderful love song, and there's a line in it that deserves focus.

"Let's give up the fight."

The line is talking about resisting a relationship, an internal struggle.

Most of us experience internal struggles on a constant basis. Some are small, "Should I have that second helping of mashed potatoes," while others are large, "Should I commit to a life-long relationship with someone who's an NC State fan?" (ooops, maybe that's just me...but, you get my meaning)

A good friend uses the phrase, "I just put it out there to the Universe and wait for an answer."

That's not a bad solution. You'll find the Universe--life--starts sending answers your way and all you have to do is pay attention. In past blogs I’ve written that both spirituality and neuroscience tell us that if you’ll keep a question in front of you answers will appear.

The key is to give up the fight and let the answers come to you. They might not be the answers you’d immediately want, but I an assure you answers will be there; all you have to do is listen and look around.

For the last few years I’ve had a question about career in front of me and since the first of this year answers have been everywhere but on South of the Border billboards on I-95. 

Yesterday, I gave up the fight.

As soon as I stopped the internal struggle it was like accepting a victory and conceding…not defeat, but concession…that life was right, this is what I’m supposed to do.

As soon as I accepted the verdict a flood of ideas and answers began to show me the way to make the decision a successful reality; some are easy some are challenging. But, again, it’s serendipity at work.

If all this sounds a little like voodoo, I understand. Just get the fact that life has your best interests in mind and move on.

What are you fighting? Is the struggle professional, personal, physical, financial, spiritual, social?

What happens if you give up the fight? Do you see yourself as defeated? Less of a person? Weaker?

Believe me, I certainly understand it’s easier for me to say “forget that stuff” than it is to do it. But, if you’ll ease away from the negative, defeatist attitude about giving up the fight and see it as conceding victory for your own good you’ll see a way to make whatever the struggle is a positive in your life.

Enough preaching.

Simply…take the gloves off, return to your corner, sit on the stool and ask, “Ok, what’s next?”

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