Friday, March 6, 2015

What To Do About the Last Nerve Person

What do you do when you encounter a “difficult person”? Not one of those folks with whom you have a simple disagreement or a little bump-up…I’m talking about one of those, on your last nerve-we’d all be a lot better off without you kind of people. 

I believe those sorts of people leave an emotional gunk on us when they walk away and we spend waaaay too much time thinking, “I had good day going until you showed up.” 

Here’s a better example: If you’ve ever read the Peanuts comic strip you remember Pig Pen, the little character who always has dirt flying off him. Lucy and Charlie Brown will talk to him but when he walks away they’re brushing the dirt off themselves.

The time we spend ruminating about the difficult person and the situation is productive time we waste trying to brush the emotional gunk off ourselves.

Here’ a simple solution: Rituals. Use a simple ritual to move your mind from the gunk to the good stuff—to something positive and productive.

Over the years I’ve had lots of people offer the rituals they use to pull themselves out of rumination. I’ve had people tell me they drink a glass of water in 50 sips, go for a walk, find a hug, listen to a song, sing a song, read something positive, immediately start working on a project, clean up their office…anything to get their minds—which can only hold one thought at a time—onto something else, anything else, other then the pinhead who put them in a bad mood.

However, the two rituals I’ve heard that I absolutely LOVE came from two women, friends sitting side by side, at a seminar I gave in Winston-Salem, NC. One woman said, “When I encounter a difficult person and they move away from me I go to the bathroom and wash my hands. I am literally and figuratively washing my hands of them and the problem.”

I really liked the ritual. It had a spiritual, bigger-than-life kind of feel about it. 

Then, the woman next to her spoke. She said, “Yep, when I get through dealing with a difficult person I go to the bathroom, too. I take a piece of toilet paper and write their name on it…”

Uh, oh…

“And then I flush it down the commode,” She added.

Whew! As you can image, the room cracked up. 

No matter what the ritual, you can find one that helps you quickly scrape the emotional gunk off yourself and get you back into a productive frame of mind.

Have a great weekend! See you Monday.

PS...I just noticed the direction of the last two blogs. LOL! Will try to be more positive next week.

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