Wednesday, March 4, 2015

What's On Your Do-Do List?

Yesterday I had the pleasure of speaking to an association group about time management. 

These folks are the people who, if you live in a rural community or small town, are the ones who make sure you have clean, drinkable water. Some of them are also the ones who make sure that when you make a biological excursion (everyone with me on that?) what you flush goes where its supposed to go.

So, when I started talking about doing a T0-Do List, one of the guys who is extraordinarily smart and works in what I’ll call The Flush Division, said, “I don’t have a To-Do List I have a Do-Do List.”

As you can imagine, I cracked up as did the rest of the group.

However, on the long drive home I started thinking about that funny line and realized that we all should have a Do-Do List. The concept could go in a couple of directions. Your Do-Do List could be made up of those regular, nasty chores you REALLY don’t like having to do, but must…like paperwork or exercise or meeting with the break room committee at work. And you could vow to do one a day or one a week just to wipe them from your list.

Or, your Do-Do List could be those things you want to stop doing…smoking or wasting time at work or texting while driving.

The most successful people I know are always trying to improve. They have Do-Do Lists in their heads…they probably don’t call their lists Do-Do…but that’s what they are.

What’s on your Do-Do List?

Another thing, would be….mmm…wait a minute…ELAINE!!! WE’RE OUT OF PAPER!!!

Check with you later….

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