Monday, April 27, 2015



It’s 8:52 on Monday morning. I called a colleague about 20 minutes ago so that made it 8:32. She answered immediately.

Now, if that doesn’t surprise you, that someone would answer their phone at 8:32 on a Monday morning, then you’re like me. You expect folks to be at work and ready to go first thing on Monday morning. ‘Cause, well, it’s time to go to work!

She has a coworker down the hall who has asked me to help with a project and has scheduled me to work on the effort this afternoon. However, other than an initial, “Thanks for saying ‘Yes’” email, I haven’t heard anything else from the person. And I’m kinda wondering if this thing is still on.

So, my friend gave me her coworker’s number, which I called…at 8:52. Did I get an answer? No.

I know what some of you are thinking. You nicer folks are thinking, “Well, it could be anything; she’s sick, her kids are sick, she got caught in traffic, it’s the Rapture and those of us who are still on Earth are screwed.” 

Yep, I get it.

But, there are another bunch of us who expect to get someone on the phone at 8:52 on Monday morning. 

While I know this sounds like whining and moaning, it’s an issue in so many organizations and it costs our economy billions in lost productivity.

Ask yourself this question: What if you drank that extra cup of coffee, went to the can, read the paper, chatted with your coworker BEFORE 8:30 on Monday morning? 

How much more could you get done?

If the question matters to you, you’re one kind of person. If it doesn’t…I guess I’ll call back about 11.

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