Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Shut Up and Listen

This afternoon I’m meeting a friend/boss from the past. She’s a really smart woman who, forty-one years ago, hired me for my first REAL job.

Last year, forty years after I had last seen her, she sat in on one of my seminars.

This afternoon we’re meeting to talk about the directions my business and I might take. It’s time for some changes and I’m reaching out to people I know who are smart, sometimes opinionated  (some opinions with which I might not agree), and resourceful.

Are you talking to people on a regular basis who can give you feedback about where you are going? If so, that’s great! Ask’em direct questions, don’t let them be nice for the sake of being nice and thank them for their input.

If you aren’t getting feedback on a regular basis you’re flying with one rudder as a pilot friend of mine would say. You better hope you’re omnipotent and the smartest person on the planet. I can promise you there are challenges out here—people and situations—you haven’t anticipated and requiring skills you don’t have.

If you aren’t finding ways to expose yourself to new ideas and feedback  get your ego out of the way and a seek them out.

This afternoon, after the basic catching up and niceties, I’m going to ask, “Here’s the direction I’m thinking about going in, whataya think?

And then—and I know my friends will find this hard to believe—I’m going to shut up and listen.

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