Thursday, April 23, 2015

So, the Robot Bartender Said....

There’s an old joke about a robot bartender that I won’t go into. But, it appears there are such things as robot bartenders now…or, at least there are inventors working on them. 
In Tuesday’s Wall Street Journal there’s a story about ThinBot. With flashing lights and a blue chilling chamber the four-foot tall robot makes about 15 different kinds of cocktails. 
However, while ThinBot might make a mean cosmopolitan, can the robot card someone, wipe down the bar or listen to your problems and offer sage advice?
Can ThinBot cut the lights on at 1 am and yell to patrons as I used to do in my bartender days, “You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here!!”
Come to think of it, ThinBot could be programmed to do that.
But, robot bartenders are wonderful examples of the dividing line between what machines can do and what they can’t. Some things just need the human touch. We’ll always be needed.
Which reminds me of a joke. In the early days of space exploration a craft was sent into space with a computer, a dog and a man. The computer ran the ship. If the lights on the computer went out the man was supposed to push the reset button. The dog went along to bite the man if he tried to do anything other than touch the reset button.
Here’s the long-awaited point: Whether it’s a machine or person everything and everyone is good at something. The more you work to your strengths and let someone or something else handle the things you’re not good at the better off and happier you’ll be. 

Play to your strengths, pass off to your weaknesses/challenges.

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  1. For a lot of us, playing to our strengths is a simpler game! KISS.