Thursday, May 14, 2015

Graduate Me....Now!!!

This is graduation month for high schools, colleges and universities. I just received the graduation announcement for a wonderful young woman who, I believe, has an extraordinarily bright future. She’s one of those young people who is constantly looking for new things to learn and new ways to learn them.

Contrast her to the young person I saw in a story about a local college graduation. The guy was holding a sign that said, “Last class…EVER!”

I get the fact that he was probably ready to complete 16 years or more of sitting in classrooms, writing papers and worrying about grades. But, let’s hope life, a parent, a co-worker or someone helps him understand that those issues had about as much to do with real learning as a fish has to do with a bicycle. 

Let’s hope he understands that if he wants a real life he can never stop learning. Because, if he doesn’t consciously try to learn what he needs to learn in life, life will teach him the lesson…often more painfully than he would like. 

What did you learn yesterday? What do you want/need/have to learn today?

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