Monday, May 11, 2015

The PTA Rule

According to the Harvard Business Review, 53% of the time we spend in meetings is worthless.

Think about that. How often are you sitting in a meeting and thinking, “If I was alone at my desk I’d actually be getting something done”?

When planning your next meeting try the PTA Rule. 
P…People: Make sure the right people are in the meeting and the wrong people aren’t. The wrong people often believe they should “contribute” to the meeting and what they contribute is a waste of time.
T…Time: Start on time and finish on time. If you have more than you can cover in the stated time, schedule another meeting and plan better next time.
A…Agenda: Have an agenda that let’s attendees know what will be covered and if at all possible get the agenda to them before the meeting.

I remember chairing a meeting a few years ago and at the end one of the attendees came up to me, stunned that we had started and stopped on time, gotten a lot done and finished with the group feeling positive about the progress that had been made. 

“How did you do that,” he asked. 

“The PTA Rule,” I answered.

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