Thursday, May 28, 2015

Waaaaay More Grown Up Than Me!

I’ve tried to point out on various occasions that lots of other folks are waaaay more grown-up than me. Let me offer an example…

It’s 7:18 am on a beautiful, cool, North Carolina, Thursday morning. The weekend is ahead (we don’t have to be anywhere special and the Belmont Stakes, final leg of The Triple Crown, is at 5:30 pm on Saturday), business looks great for the next 6 months, I’ve got a variety of fun projects in various stages, there are lots of great books to read and I’m going to work out in an hour. What a glorious feeling!!

The only real obstacle is that I’m sitting here at the computer thinking about what the blog should focus on. Elaine walks by and asks, “What’s up? You look concerned.”

I explain that I have a lot to do and I’m trying to think about what to write.

(Play ominous sounding music here)

So, she says, “Think about the worst, most difficult thing you have to do today.”

OMG!! Why would I want to do that?!!! Now, all that good stuff that was flying around in my head has turned into this chained-to-a-rock, workin’-in-the-coal mine To-Do List that seems to include watering each individual tomato leaf on the plants in the back yard and picking up each, individual, dead termite we found on the study floor this morning with tweezers and burying them in individual little terminate coffins.

See, she’s got me thinking about all the hard, non-fun, grinding, detail-oriented, grown-up stuff that has to be done to make sure the projects work, bills get paid and the neighbors don’t think I’m a sluggoe for riding a bike to the gym in the middle of the day wearing a SUCKERS!! t-shirt. 

I said, “I know, I know, if I go ahead and get the least desirable thing done it creates a sense of momentum, gives me a win and starts the day off on a positive, product note. Right?”

Elaine smiles that special smile she has; the one that says, “Please, Jesus, help him grow up just a little. I know he’s a dope and doesn’t get it, but at least he sounds like it right now.” We nod at each other as part of the—I’ve stated my problem and you’ve offered a solution that, if you’ll just do it, all will be right with the world—ritual. Then she walks into the kitchen to have her grown-up breakfast: coffee and yogurt with granola sprinkled on top.

But, wouldn’t two Snickers, a milkshake from McDonald’s, some frenchfries from Five Guys and a piece of Key Lime pie be better? I’m just sayin’.

Yes, she’s right. I’m going to pick one small, onerous task and do it; that way I’ll be a step closer to achieving the goals I have in the starry-eyed vision of what the future will be like. 

I’m going to rearrange all the sticky notes on my desk. The ones covered in reminders of what I was supposed to be doing yesterday. 

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