Monday, June 29, 2015

I Do Not Have a Clue What That Means!

How often do you read words you don’t know the meaning of? (if you’re a grammar stickler you’ll say I should have written, “Of which you don’t know the meaning…but, popular usage says we can now end sentences in prepositions, so….mmm…wait…I’m on a tangent)

Anyway, this morning I was reading a great, local columnist, Barry Saunders and he used the words, interposition and nullification. I thought I knew what interposition meant and I was sure I knew what nullification meant…well, in this case, I was wrong (cue the choir and church bells and mark the date…Mike Collins admitted being wrong!).

I looked up interposition and got this from Wikipedia for both words: “Interposition is an asserted right of a U.S. state to oppose actions of the federal government that the state deems unconstitutional. Under the theory of interposition, a state may ‘interpose' itself between the federal government and the people of the state by taking action to prevent the federal government from enforcing laws that the state considers unconstitutional. Interposition has not been upheld by the courts. Rather, the courts have held that the power to declare federal laws unconstitutional lies with the federal judiciary, not with the states. The courts have held that interposition is not a valid constitutional doctrine when invoked to block enforcement of federal law

Interposition is closely related to the theory of nullification, which holds that the states have the right to nullify federal laws that are deemed unconstitutional and to prevent enforcement of such laws within their borders.”
Today’s blog isn’t a legal terminology lesson, it’s asking the question: How often do you look up words you read and don’t understand? Too often we just blow by words and phrases and either assume we know what they mean or don’t care. Words have POWER! The definitions of the terms above can have a lot to do with what happens in this country on a daily basis. Misunderstanding words and phrases can be expensive in more ways than we realize.

Here’s the other reason we should look things up…the practice creates new neural pathways in our brains and fights off the onset of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Look it up….

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