Friday, July 10, 2015

You Can Have Magic Mike...I'll Take the Minions!

Today, Friday, July 10, is a BIG DAY!

Now, let’s admit up front that I’m a 63-year old male, I consider myself at least minimally intelligent and, as much as I fight it, I try to do things on a regular basis (work, relationships, good deeds) that might be considered mature.



Ok, Ok…settle down….you…not me. Let me explain:

In case you’re just back from the International Space Station, the Minions are the little yellow and blue guys with big eyes (eye), shaped like ibuprofen capsules who have voices that sound like they are constantly sucking on a helium balloon. They costarred in the Despicable Me movies and now have their own flick. If you get a chance, search online for what the Minions—color, eyes, language—really mean; extraordinarily interesting.

Yes, I know this is silly, but these little guys have hit a button in me that says, “Joy!” 

I can NOT hear them talk without smiling. I’ve watched their trailers and clips on multiple times. And yes, there are some adult versions that go so far beyond hilarious that I laugh until I can’t breath. 

And, I’m not going to make excuses for this.

If you find something positive that gives you a sense of joy don’t let your definition of maturity keep you from enjoying it. If you like dancing by yourself to Barbara Streisand music, go ahead. If you like coloring in Little Mermaid coloring books, have at it. If you think Duke University basketball is just the…uh…wait a minute…if you’re headed down that road, seek medical attention…IMMEDIATELY!

Seriously, I have friends who think my Minion-mance is silly (Elaine just shakes her head), but I’m not givin’ it up. If it’s a good thing and makes me bust out laughing, I’m going to do it.

So…have a great weekend, and Papagena! (Go to and check them out…Listen for the word when you see one of the Minions talking to a fire hydrant and then search the word.)

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