Wednesday, August 12, 2015

International Youth Day....Why Waste It On the Young?!!

Ok, today is International Youth Day according to a 1999, United Nations resolution. The purpose of the day is to support and engage youth all over the world. 

I’m all for that. If we don’t support the youth in our communities who’s going to bring us a beer when we’re rocking on the porch and talking about the fact that WE DON’T HAVE A CLUE who the actors and musicians on Entertainment Tonight might be?! 

Here’s how you can celebrate International Youth Day… exercise the youth within yourself. Try a new taste, a new place to go, a new style…try new experiences and don’t whine if you don’t like them. Just move on to something else. 

Want to know the real key: Be interested. If you’re interested, if you’re one of those folks who asks great questions, “What? Why? Who? Where? How? How Much?,” you’ll not only be interested…you’ll be interesting.

I had lunch the other day with a friend who was bemoaning the fact that, at 66, he is invisible to younger women. He said, “They only see me as someone to wait on in a restaurant?” I get that. 

You know how I deal with that; I ask questions. One of the whole range of things about me that probably annoys my friend, Elaine, is that if we are in a restaurant, I’ll ask the waitperson to take 30 seconds and give me their story: School, how they got the job, what they plan to do. Elaine and I waited tables years ago and it’s fun to see the connections over the decades, the things that have and haven’t changed. And, we don’t belabor the fact that we waited tables, too. Kids don’t won’t to hear but about 15 seconds of that.

However, by having the simple, short talk, we celebrate them, connect with our own youth, and…guess what…we get better service because we connected with them.

Take a moment today and connect with the youth that is still alive…maybe hidden, but alive…within yourself. Find a moment of fun, try something new, skim through the channels on your radio and don’t whine at the music. I like some of the stuff Ricky Mirage and Bruno March do!

And, if you have kids, celebrate them today. Tell’em you love’em.

PS…Yes, I know it’s Nicky Minaj and Bruno Mars…the question is, did you? 

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