Thursday, August 13, 2015

On Wanted Posters in Flyland

This morning two flies gave up their lives in our kitchen. I figure the third one, the one that got away, has gone back to Flyland and put my picture on wanted posters. 

As I flicked the second one off the flyswatter and into the trash I started thinking about all the little fly lives I’ve ended; how quickly I made the decisions that led to their demises, the variety of tools I’ve used to take ’em out (flyswatter, hand, newspaper, magazine, pillow, book, chicken leg {I know what you're thinking, and no, don't be ridiculous, I threw the leg away with the fly} , football , domino…you get the idea), how little I cared about the assassination, and how good I felt about the kill, about ending the annoyance.

Then, I thought about all the figurative “flies” in our lives. They are the annoying, unhealthy attention-grabbers that keep coming around and interfering with our focus on the things that really matter: Bad habits, some people, and negative memories (often connected to people or actions) that create the fingernails-on-a-blackboard sound/feeling.   

What if we decided and acted to remove those figurative flies as quickly and effectively as we do the buzzing kind? And yes, I’ve thrown a football at a jerk before…come to think of it, I believe there was a window involved in that situation, too. 

What fly in your life would you like to swat? There might be some conflict/effort involved, but wouldn’t it be better to deal with it and get the fly gone than continue to have to deal with it/them? One other thing, swatting doesn’t have to be a violent act; it can be as subtle as simply not returning their call/text, not having that fourth cup of coffee, or walking around the block after dinner.

Gotta go, Fly #3 just entered the kill zone!

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