Tuesday, September 22, 2015

100 Days to Go

100 Days.

Here’s the cool thing about today. There are 100 days left in 2015.

So, whataya gonna do with 100 days?

You know and I know that there’s some dream/project/idea/ambition/responsibility/job/…some something you’ve been promising yourself (and, maybe others) you would get done this year.

100 days.

Today is a great day to create a plan to make the dream a reality; to fulfill the responsibility. There’s something that, at the end of the year, if you complete it, you’ll be able to look back, feel great, and say, “I did it!”

100 days.

I’ve got a couple of projects I’ve been working on and I have to say that I need to pick up speed on them. So, I’ve got a calendar and a marker and I’m going to number the days as they pass and hold myself…

***you know what? I just started to write, “try to hold myself responsible”….and that ain’t it. Trying doesn’t get it done. Here’s what I’m going to do: By January 1 I will have 3 books on Amazon. One novel and two non-fiction books. Also, I’m working on a project called Liar’s Gold, and by January 1 it will be up and running with a website.

100 Days.

If I don’t have those projects completed I pledge to donate $500 to a political candidate whom I believe is absolutely worthless. And I’ll write about it and confess to the failure and donation right here in the blog.

If you know a worthless candidate to whom YOU would not want ANYONE to contribute money send me a comment at mcollins62@gmail.com and I’ll see if your worthless candidate is the same as mine.

100 Days.

So, there you go! The challenge has been issued, the punishment laid out. The reward will be seeing these projects completed.

100 Days. 

What will you do with them?

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