Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Shut Up About The Golden Rule

Yesterday, in a seminar about marketing to Millennials, the Golden Rule Issue came up again.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

The discussion centered around customer service and someone said, “The basic philosophy in customer service should be The Golden Rule.”

When I said I didn’t think that was true it got really quiet.

We were having the seminar in the community room at a Pizza Inn (I know, nothing but the most lavish venues for me!) and I asked the questioner, “Tell you what, if I asked you to go to the buffet and get me a plate of pizza what would you bring back?”

He said, “Pepperoni, sausage, cheese and maybe some of that desert pizza with cinnamon and icing! I love that stuff!”

(Is your mouth watering?!)

I asked, “Why those choices?” 

“Because that’s what I like and I think that’s what most people like. Those are the most popular choices.”

I said, “So, you would be doing to me what you would like to have done to you, The Golden Rule, right?”


I said, “Ok, if you did that for me I’d thank you for your kindness and then tell you that I have a reflux problem and can’t seem to eat pepperoni, sausage or bacon without having a reaction that feels like a heart attack.”

I asked the group, “What’s the solution here?”

They agreed that taking a moment to ask what I liked would be the quickest way to get me what I would like and could eat.

What they revealed—in a very practical way—is The Platinum Rule.

Do unto others the way they would have it be done to them.

In customer service, in any kind of relationships (personal/community/global), the key is The Platinum Rule.

Someone quickly offered the thought, “But there are some customers who want everything for free! How do you deal with them?”

You suggest that your product or service is not for them. You can’t make everyone happy. You can’t serve everyone.

And yes, this point goes to everything from individual relationships such as marriage, to global relationships between nations. 

People want what they want, and what they want may not be what you want.

Do unto others the way they would have it be to them.

If you're smart (and I think if you're reading this you're really smart!), you'll take a moment to think about the relationships in your life. What do they want?

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