Friday, September 18, 2015

The Rhythm of Slack

Recently, two seminar attendees offered truths I’ll be passing on to others for years to come.

The first was a new supervisor who noted that some of his employees had gotten into a Rhythm of Slack

(If, for whatever reason, you aren’t familiar with this use of the word slack, it means, characterized by a lack of work or activity)

He said, “They do just enough to keep their jobs, and they’ve been doing that for years. So, they’ve gotten into a rhythm of slack and it’s almost impossible to pull them out of it.”

I started looking around at my life and realized that, in some areas, I’ve gotten into a rhythm of slack. Now, it isn’t that there aren’t some areas of life in which it’s fine to put yourself on autopilot. In fact, as humans we do it all the time, it’s a way to conserve energy for the really important things.

But, most of us profess to have certain goals in life; accomplishments that would mean a lot to us and that we want to see realized. Then, we slide into a rhythm of slack and, years later, we say, “Well, it would have been nice if that had happened, but it just didn’t work out.” The reason it didn’t happen is because we got slack.

Look around. Have you eased into a rhythm of slack in important areas of life? I know I have. Seems like a good time to pick up the pace.

I’ll tell you about the other comment in the next couple of days.

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