Sunday, November 29, 2015

Bleeeeaughhh!!! Whew, I Feel Better Now!

How ya feelin’ today? 

Let’s see some hands; how many of you have been on an almost non-stop eat-a-thon since last Wednesday night?

(This is the start of what I call the 6-Weeks of Gluttony Is Its Own Reward Holiday. It’s waaay easy to slide into the mindset, it’s the holidays/parties/Christmas/New Year and I’ll worry about all this on January 2.)

1—2—3—4—5…ok, ok, lots of hands going up on that question…along with both my hands!

The last four days have seen a variety of times in which I know I would have felt better if I could have done a technicolor yawn, if you get my drift.

I started with candied pecans on Wednesday night, slipped and fell into the Thanksgiving trough on Thursday, only moved from the couch (college football marathon) long enough to gorge on leftovers on Friday, ate tailgate food through Saturday while watching my UNC Tar Heels spank the NC State Wolfpack like they were 3 year-olds throwing a tantrum at Walmart, and am finishing it up with another couch-bound/football-rich day while trying to consume a whole pot of chicken bog.

However, I’ve hit the gym (well, at least, I’ve GONE to the gym) every day but Thursday and have tried to drink a couple of gallons of water. My weight has gone up by a grand total of 1 pound.

It continues to amaze me how little movement it takes to equalize the calorie intake/usage equation; and if you can, as we Southerners say, “Act like you’ve got some sense,” about eating most of the time, you see a slow but sure difference on scales and in the mirror.

Now, if we’ve never met, I’ll confess I’m more cube-like than svelte. But, by keeping moving (and keeping my consumables moving by drinking lots of water) I can successfully fight a holding battle the next 6 weeks.

For too many of us the holiday season turns into a four-month spiral. The first week of January is bowl week and that leads to college basketball getting serious and the NFL playoffs/Superbowl, and then March Madness…with non-stop food mostly eaten while sitting/lying around.

I realize I’m spinning a lot of this through sports and not everyone likes sports, but let’s be honest, we all have our excuses; if it isn’t sports it’ll be something else.

Why am I yammering on about this? Because, recently, I’ve been seeing lots more information about how our energy levels have an impact on decision-making. If we don’t have a positive energy level we are slower, physically AND mentally; we are less creative; and our emotions are under less control. All that bad stuff starts happening when we try to mash more food through our bodies than we need.

So, here are three tips for the next 6 weeks: Try to get more steps in, drink more water, and get a little more sleep. 

Let’s keep up with each other to see how we’re doing.

(I was just asked if I wanted to split a piece of pumpkin cheesecake…SIGN ME UP!!!)

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