Friday, November 13, 2015

Cigars, Beer and a Better Life

I’m going to ask you to hang with me here, but I might as well say, “So long! Have a great weekend!” to a bunch of you because this is one of those messages a lot of you will tune out, cut off, delete, or ignore when you see the two word topic:

Your Health.

Now that the see ya! group has left the room let me start out in a way you hadn’t imagined.

Last night I was sitting on the porch watching a beautiful sunset, smoking a great Arturo Fuente Double Chateau cigar and drinking a wonderful Belgian beer, Stella Artois (see what I mean about the start?).

And yes, some of you are rolling your eyes with, “That sounds pretty hoity-toity, Mike,” and I get that. But, I don’t smoke anywhere near as many cigars as in the past and I’ve cut my beer consumption to 10-12 gallons a week, so I might as well go with the best. (Just kidding about the gallons)

I was reading an article in the December issue of Mens Journal magazine: Training Secrets of Aging Pro Athletes. Some of the stuff I’m doing; lifting weights, trying to eat better, fitting more cardio into my life (Elaine busts me about parking as far from the front door of the grocery store as I can so we get a few extra steps walking in…if it was up to Elaine we’d drive into the store and shop from the car ). Some of the strategies mentioned I’m not doing; like flying to Europe to get stem-cell therapy at $25,000 an injection.

So, I’ve almost finished the first cigar and I’m on my third beer and I have an epiphany; one of those moments in which an idea explodes with startling clarity. (Are you like me? As your blood-alcohol content goes up so do the number of great ideas you have? An electric dog polisher?!! Man, everyone would love one of those!!!)

Here’s the idea: While we realize that improving our health often increases our longevity, do we understand that it also increases our confidence? Better health allows us to work more effectively and make better decisions in all areas of life.

I immediately made a connection with the people in the entrepreneurship classes and change seminars I teach. Most of us  don’t connect better health and the broader impacts it has on our lives. We think, “Yeah, yeah. I need to exercise, lose some weight and I’ll live longer.” What we don’t think about is the impact better health has on a whole range of other issues. If you are going to start a small business or you’re going through life/work changes you’ve got to be more confident, healthier, fitter, quicker, smarter in order to survive.

How do you feel when you drop a few pounds? Pretty good, huh? And, get away from that negative, “I’ve lost five, but I need to lose 15!” Five pounds is five pounds. Keep doing what you are doing.

Anything that increases your confidence is a good thing in today’s world. There’s so much negativity and life seems to get more challenging in many areas on a daily basis. You/we/I need all the confidence we can get. To think that we can get more confidence and better health by walking a few more steps, biking a little, doing a dance/aerobics/Zumba class, or actively gardening…that’s a pretty cool and easy deal.

The two cigars and four beers I had last night had me feeling pretty confident by the time the football games came on, and I had three pages of notes, great ideas, to work on (some of which I could actually read this morning). But, I understand that I can’t use cigars/beer as the foundation of a better health program. What I have discovered, having dropped over 30 pounds since Summer ’14, is that I enjoy the cigars and beer more since they are special events instead of every night occurrences, and I’m healthier so I don’t feel as slow the next morning.

Speaking of that, it’s late morning and I’m late for the gym.

See ya, have a great weekend…and walk somewhere!

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