Monday, November 16, 2015

This Line Made Me Stop Pedaling....

The best book about decision-making I’ve seen in the last 10 years is What Do I Do Now?, by Dr. Charles Foster. I read, and reread, bits and pieces of it while on the stationary cycle at the gym.

Today, I ran across a line that jumped off the page at me…in fact, I stopped pedaling and read it three or four times: 
“…most of us are one or two decisions away from something wonderful. Not just a turning from the road to nowhere but a new start, on a better road that leads us somewhere we want to go.”

Foster goes on to say that good decision-makers often ask themselves one question to determine the key decision:
“What problems, needs, or situations am I not paying attention to that I must make a decision about?”

I immediately asked that question and came face-to-face with a couple of issues I’ve been dodging. 

Now, I have no problem identifying my weaknesses. In fact, like a lot of folks I probably spend too much time self-identifying them. But, for some reason, today, the Mike in my head said something different. Instead of saying, “Yeah, I know that’s an issue. I need to get something  done,” today heard, “Ok. It’s time to do something about these things. Let’s stick a deadline to’em and figure out two specific steps for each that I can take to get closer to getting them done.”

What decisions have you been dodging?

Try this; Ask yourself three questions: 
1. What is my deadline for starting (not finishing) the issue?
2. What two specific steps can I take to get started?
3. What reward am I going to give myself for starting?

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