Monday, December 21, 2015

In this Season of Yes, Just Say No

Christmas is the season of Yes. We want to be able to say Yes to everything from granting every Christmas wish to having another piece of pie, because it’s…well…Christmas!

But, the other day I ran across an interesting quote from Warren Buffett. He said the most successful people say No to almost everything. Now, I have to admit, he was talking mostly about business ideas and deals. His whole point, though, was that we have a finite amount of time, energy, and other resources, and by saying Yes to lots of different things we spread ourselves so thin that it’s very difficult to succeed at some of the things that have the highest potential for success.

Now, believe me, I get the idea of saying Yes to life; to trying new things, to understanding that Live, as in Living Life, is an active verb. But, even in that context, we can say Yes to so many things that the important things get short-changed.

I realize that this thought goes against the grain for so many of us, but, in this season of Yes we might be well-served to say No every now and then. No to one more party (and maybe driving home drunk), No to one more contribution (to the charity at which the director gets paid more than the needy receive), No to buying one more present (for someone you really don't care that much about)…so we can say Yes to the really important that extra piece of pie.

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