Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Juuuusssstttt About There!

 I was at the gym this morning and noticed a young friend standing and staring out the window. I asked what he was so locked in on.

He explained that life had been going great and he saw some opportunities for it to get a lot better…but then one obstacle after another popped up and he felt like he was back where he started.

I know exactly where he’s at. I’m working on a new project and it’s as if challenges large and small are coming and knocking on the door and saying, “Pay attention to me.”

In the past, I’d let all that stuff slow me down or defeat me…and the truth is, I’ve let it slow me down this time. But, over the years, I found that whenever I’m working on a  project, just about the time I think it’s ready to happen something arrives to stand in the way of success. It’s happened so often that now, when I can see success on the horizon, I start looking around for the clown car of problems to pull up. 

I have to keep reminding myself—and I’m doing it even as I’m writing this—that a few things work: 
First, take stock. Do a To-Do List of what needs to be accomplished. I did one this morning and have two pages. 
Second….DO SOMETHING! ANYTHING! Don’t worry whether it’s the most important thing or not. Just get moving. This blog is me getting moving.
Third…as your momentum builds, start targeting the items on your list that either provide the biggest payoff or conquer the biggest problems.
Fourth…check your rewards list. When you complete a project or just one step, give yourself a reward. Too often we believe that, as adults, we’re supposed to slog through all the work and when we finally finish one project, we should start another one. I call this the Slay One Dragon, Bring On Another One Strategy of Life! Rewards are positive ways to keep motivated.

At this point I have my To-Do List and finishing this blog is my DO SOMETHING! ANYTHING! step that builds momentum. 

Time for a reward.  Did I throw that chocolate away?!

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