Monday, January 4, 2016

Eggs, Bell Pepper, and Screwing Up

How much trouble has FaceBook gotten people into, regarding food?

Every time I click on FB I see some recipe or food prep idea that looks really GREAT AND FUN!! 

Come on, folks! Put a live kitten in a blender with a little taragon, Texas Pete, and some kind of spice made from ground tarantula stinger and hit HIGH!!! It’s great! Try it!

(And yes, you were appalled that I said, “live kitten,” but admit it, you would have been OK if I had said, “live snake,”….power of language)

Anyway, about a week ago I saw a video about cutting rings from bell pepper, putting them in a pan with a little olive oil, cooking for a minute on each side, and then cracking an egg into each ring. After a couple of minutes you put a top on the pan to let the egg steam cook and WAH-LAH!! 

Tried it and the first thing I noticed was that you have to be really careful how you cut the pepper, ‘cause if it ain’t absolutely straight on the edge the egg will run out underneath and go everywhere. And, the four eggs we tried were all running together and sticking to the bottom of the pan and the top on/steam cook thing wasn't working either.

Soooo, I take a fork and knife and cut it all up and throw in two more eggs and some cheese and make a pile of scrambled egg/pepper/cheese…which WAS great!

The whole point here—especially on a Monday morning—is that things often don’t work out the way we’d like, but with a little imagination, ingenuity, and what the hell attitude, it’ll likely work out fine. 

So relax. Just get out there and DO something!

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