Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Best All-Terrain Vehicle...A Rental Car

Year’s ago someone told me that the best all-terrain vehicle is a rental car. As long as you buy the insurance you can do just about anything to it and the company won’t say a word…all you have to do is get it back to the lot. I can tell you that I’ve had some wonderfully wild times in rental cars.

Yesterday I drove a friend’s car to pick her and her traveling companion up at the airport. This is not a rental car. I was verrrry careful. This ride is a beautiful, luxurious Cadillac with all the bells and whistles. I felt like Mathew Mcgonniha…mmm…Mackgoonona….dang…Matthew McGonigay….forget it. The movie star who does the Cadillac commercials.

Anyway, my friend has the feature that allows you to see  what’s behind you when you look in the rear-view mirror. Yes, I know that’s what’s supposed to happen when you look in the rear-view mirror, but I’m talking about the feature that has a camera showing you what’s back there and as you turn it almost shows you what’s around the corner. Once you get used to it, it’s pretty cool.

I started thinking about: What if we had something like that in life? And then it hit me. We do. It’s called a memory.

Yeah, we can look back and, with 20/20 hindsight, we can see what we should have done to keep from hitting that fire hydrant…BUT WE CAN’T GO BACK INTO THE PAST AND NOT HIT THE FIRE HYDRANT!

So, what good is memory in that sense? Well, if I park near a fire hydrant in the future I’ll do a better job of remembering that it’s there when I start backing up. But, I shouldn’t keep beating myself up because I once (or a couple of times) hit a fire hydrant.

Memory is a good thing if you’re remembering the steps it takes to correct a document you’re writing; or what that warm, smooth, soft, bit of skin felt like when you were snuggled up on a cold December morning; or SPANKING DUKE LIKE THEY’RE A SQUAWLING 3-YEAR OLD AT WALMART!!!…mmm…sorry, got a little out there on that one…

…but, you get my drift.

Memory does not serve me/you/us if it’s a prison guard smacking you every time a certain thought comes up. Park the thought. Put it aside. Store it in a dark place, pull it out once a year just to acknowledge it and then put it back. 

Cut yourself some slack. Whatever you did in the past does not define you.

Unless, you did it with a rental car….but then, I think the statute of limitations on that one is over and done.

(share this with someone who has a selective memory about the bad stuff)


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