Thursday, February 11, 2016

The King of Wishful Thinking

Hang with me on this one. 

How’s your day going? Here, it’s cold as beejesus and going to get colder. I’ve been outside in 27-degree weather getting a car with a dead battery started so I can go buy another one...battery...not car.

Like you, I’ve got a variety of opportunities, worries, hopes, and dreads flying around in my head.

So, I’m sitting here working, writing a variety of things, and trying to solve problems.

But,  I’m listening to tunes in the background and I can hear something like the Zac Brown Band doing, “Keep Me In Mind,” and all of a sudden the world seems warmer, thoughts seem more positive, and I’ve got this feeling that I can handle it all…or, at least, I can put it in the proper perspective.

I’m betting some of y’all have got an issue that is gnawing at your shorts right now…in fact, mine are looking kinda ragged…soooooo, go to, punch in a song that does it for you and sit back for a couple of minutes. 

Obviously, it doesn’t mean your problem disappears, but I’m promising you it’ll seem a little smaller, a little more realistic, a little…well…dang!….I’ve got the 80s group, Go West, getting ready to crank up, “The King of Wishful Thinking,” so you’ll have to excuse me.

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