Thursday, March 10, 2016

You Know You're Doing This...Don't You?

Ok, hang with me on this…I promise I’ll have a point you can use.

I read a short devotion every morning; a new one every day. They’re one-pagers in a magazine I subscribe to. It’s a small-format magazine, kinda like Reader’s Digest used to be and I keep them in the bottom drawer of a cabinet about 6 feet from my reading chair.
Over time I realized I might not completely close the drawer when I took the magazine out; there’d be a crack open a few inches. So, when I finished reading and would sit and think about the day’s lesson I started to try and toss the magazine through the little opening (I know it’s childish, but it’s a guy thing…a little competition with my self).

Then, I evolved to believing that if I made the shot I’d have a good day…you know, kind of a victory first thing in the day. I didn’t assume I’d have a bad day by missing, I’m not that superstitious, but a made shot was a good thing.

However, one day I thought, “Why start the day off with the stress of making the shot? Why not start every day with a made shot, a good feeling, and the positive expectation of a good day?” 

You know as well as I that if you expect good things, good things happen.

So, I started making sure I left the drawer open a little farther. Not enough for a slam dunk, but wide enough that I was pretty sure I’d make the shot.

Now, every morning when I finish reading my devotion I look over, toss the mag, and 9 out of 10 times I make the shot…and expect a good day.

Here’s the point: If you can line up your day, week, month…health…relationship…work…life…in a way that it’ll be successful, why not do that? There are so many ways we get in our own way and keep ourselves from experiencing success in simple, or complex, issues in life. Doesn’t seem very smart, does it?

In what areas of life are you getting in your own way? 

Stop it.

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