Monday, May 23, 2016

Clutter and Conversation

If you are reading this at work or at home I want you to take just a moment and look around. How much of what you see is…essentially…clutter.

I tell people all the time that every day when you come to work if you have a messy desk you’re looking at a visual To-Do List. It’s almost impossible for your mind to wade through all the images your eyes are sending it and decide what’s most important.

Life can be like your home and workplace. Look around and see what—or who—is cluttering up your life. Maybe you need to think about how you might declutter your life.

Is it easy? Sometimes. 

Often, though, it’s only possible by having a difficult discussion. But, as leadership guru John Maxwell often says, “Your probability of having a happy, successful life will be based on your willingness to have difficult discussions.”

A couple of folks I know recently went through this. The woman decided the guy was cluttering up her life and she, essentially, fired him. No discussion.

It worked for her.

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