Monday, May 2, 2016

Runnin' With the Divas

Sunday morning in Ocean Drive, South Carolina. The Run Like a Diva event was a half-marathon with the proceeds going to breast cancer research and charities.

The Diva event is wonderful. Participants, male and female, get a plastic tiara, the standard pink T-shirt with logo, and…a pink tutu!! 

A friend was with me and he and I warmed up with some slow-medium speed walking and stretching, had a great breakfast (I know it’s risky eating before a long run, but both of us are highly-trained, cutting-edge athletes so we felt confident that we’d be fine), and headed to the start/finish line.

When we got to the line we looked around and….promptly walked over to the sidewalk and had a seat to watch the event. WHATAYA THINK? I’M CRAZY??!!! Neither of us is running anywhere unless something bigger than we are is chasing us.

The event was great!! A couple of thousand women, kids, and men enjoying a great Sunday spring morning in an event that does good things.
One thing really struck us as amazing about what happened at the end of the race. There was great, constant music playing. Lots of techno and dance tunes. And, groups of women—20, 30, 50— would be dancing together!!

My friend and I commented that you wouldn’t see the same thing with a group of men. Not even close. The guys would automatically be in a kind of competitive mindset, someone would say something trashy and there’d be a lot of aggressive feelings. 

It’s almost as if we often need women to soften us, to make us human. I keep thinking that the world ends up as a better place if women are running it…and playing tunes…and dancing…and laughing and wearing tutus and tiaras.

I’m just sayin’.

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