Friday, June 24, 2016

Riding the Bull

Bullriders strive to stay on their raging, twisting, dangerous mounts for 8 seconds. 

Microsoft and some Canadian researchers recently discovered that the average American has an attention span of…you got it, 8 seconds. And, that’s down from 12 seconds five years ago.

Think about that. The average American can’t concentrate on one thing for much more than 8 seconds before…SOMETHING SHINY!!!…and their attention jumps elsewhere.

You probably think you’re different. I know I think I can concentrate longer than that, but I just realized that, with the TV on in the background my mind jumps back and forth from writing this to listening and looking up to catch what’s on.

For most of us, information coming at us in so many different ways is the bull we are all trying to ride. We’re so afraid we’ll miss something!

Here’s an interesting thought: So many of the most successful people I read about and contact don’t watch news broadcasts on a regular basis. Increasingly, I think they’re on to something. 

Maybe our attention jumps around because we are looking for something positive.

Think about it…8 seconds. 

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