Friday, July 8, 2016

Do You Have to Be In Prison to Get Something Done?

In Los Angeles for a week with friends. The 5-hour flight to San Francisco (90-minute connection to LA) once again taught me the that I need to be trapped, literally, in order to get some things done. The same thing happens for me if I’m in a hotel room.

Am finishing a book and needed to do revisions…I HATE doing revisions! But, as someone once said, “Writing is writing; good writing is about rewriting (revisions).”

So, I’ve found that if I can put myself in a situation in which I’m literally trapped, imprisoned, with nowhere else to go and nothing else to do…I can do revisions. 

Some people are disciplined enough to be able to do this with time. “I”m going to do spend an hour doing revisions/cleaning up/finishing that report.” I can’t do that. To a great degree, I find that my prison almost needs to a literal place from which I can’t escape.

In the past I’d bust myself for not being mature enough to just get the work done...and I STILL wouldn't get it done. I’m over that now. I’m going with what works and not fighting my natural inclinations.

I’m betting that if you’re a productive person you have a strategy/gimmick like mine. You do what works. If you are struggling with getting a project done or putting finishing touches on work you should start thinking about when you’re most productive and put yourself there, even if it’s in your mind.

I’ve made the decision that from now on, when it’s revision time for a book, I’m taking a flight somewhere or going out and getting a hotel room. Getting the job done is worth the money. Getting the job done is worth whatever it takes.

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