Monday, July 25, 2016

Inman!! Don't Stick Your Head In There!!

There’s a wonderful family living behind me. The young couple has two small boys. The older is Inman.

The other day I heard the mother’s voice coming from the backyard., “Inman!!” She yelled, “Don’t stick your head in there!”

Since I didn’t immediately hear screams I figured that wherever Inman was trying to stick his head couldn’t be that bad. I also remembered all the times my brother and I stuck our heads and limbs in places we probably shouldn’t have.

When we’re young we’re fearless. We don’t understand the consequences and pain that can come from some of our actions. We’re curious and thinking only of the…What happens if?

What if I stick my finger in a pencil sharpener? What if I try to swim to the other side of the pool? What if I ride my bicycle by the rope that holds a LARGE fan to the roof of a tobacco warehouse and  grab the rope and swing off like I’ve seen in the movies? (I can tell you what happens. If the rope is tied in a slip knot it comes loose, the fan falls, hits the bicycle and crushes the handlebars, dings and breaks your foot, and you end up on the warehouse floor about 20 minutes away from a visit to the ER.)

As we get older the fear of embarrassment, consequences and pain tend to overwhelm the YEAH! feeling we get when we take a chance and it works as well or better than we expected.

We also get so slogged into the repetitive nature of life that any exploration or chance we could take is a change. And…we…don’t…want…to…change.

Whether it’s work, relationships, health, food, or spirituality, sometimes it’s a good thing to stick your head in there and see what happens. You might learn something, you might have a YEAH! experience…you might even call a friend over (or your little brother as was my case in a lot of situations) and say…

…“Hey, Joe, stick your head in there.”

Where will you stick your head today?

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