Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Maybe They'll Get Hit By a Truck!!! Yeah!!!

Yesterday, I said I’d offer a practical way to move away from worry. 

And no, this doesn't involve miracle cures, the offending person being hit by a truck, winning the lottery, or not having to vote and make a choice in November. 

The best way to get worry out of your head is one of those, “I knew that,” solutions. It’s…


Whether you’re trying to get a squawling 2-year old to stop crying or an 82-year old Alzheimer’s sufferer to stop wandering, the solution is the same…redirection.

We all know our minds can only hold one thought at a time. We think we can multi-task, but we can’t. We simply switch from one thought to another so fast that it seems that we are getting more than one thing done, or thought about, at a time.

So, if you want to move away from worry, you’ve got to find something else to focus on. You can read, watch a movie, do something physical (walking doesn’t do it for me, I can walk and worry at the same time), do something spiritual, engage in an activity with others….there are tons of things you can do or think about other than the worry issue. 

This method is especially effective if you choose an activity that is new to you. Your mind locks in on how to work through an activity you are unfamiliar with.

Will the worry thoughts return? Absolutely. And, when they do, you have to redirect your thoughts to what is going on in the moment, right in front of you.

If nothing else, move your body. If you are sitting and worrying, get up and walk around. If you are standing and worrying, do something in which you move your arms. Movement takes brainpower and your thoughts get pulled away from the worry issue.

This takes us full circle, back to yesterday. At some point you are probably going to have to confront the worry issue. Some people go their entire lives dodging issues, but the challenges almost always come back to bite them sooner or later. 

Go back to the blog yesterday and check the only two questions that address worry: Is this something you can do nothing about? Or, is this an issue you can do something about? 

If it’s the first one and you can’t do anything about it, get moving!!! Redirect with action of some type to get your mind off the topic.

If you can do something about it, THEN GET OFF YOUR BUTT AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!

One last thought: What if? What if you were not the one worrying? What if the worrier was one of your best friends and you knew what they were worried about, and they asked, “What should I do?” What honest, focused, loving advice would you give them?

Now, give that advice to yourself…and take it.

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