Saturday, August 6, 2016

Nothing's New

On Thursday night I was in Raleigh presenting the seminar, “ABCs of Starting a Small Business” for Wake Technical Community College.

A woman arrived at the classroom very early; over half-an-hour before the program was scheduled to start. 

I asked her what type of business she wanted to create. She told me and I remarked that the idea was something really needed and that the industry was growing like crazy. 

When she gave me a quizzical look I told her that a young friend of mine had started a business like she mentioned and was wonderfully successful with it.

She said, “Somebody’s already doing this?”

I’m hoping what I was thinking was not showing on my face…it wasn’t good.

I simply replied, “Yep, lots of folks, and I believe there is room in the marketplace for other competitors.”

During the program I watched her—she was sitting on the front row right in front of me—and from the look on her face she spent most of the 2 hours considering the impact of the realization that her idea was not the first time anyone IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE had thought of it. 

And she was amazed.

In today’s internet-ruled world it is absurd that anyone with an idea would not take a moment to check online to see who else has created something similar OR EXACTLY LIKE what they are thinking about. 

A totally new idea is rarely totally new. It is usually a spin-off of another idea. So, why not take a moment to see who else has solved the problems you need to solve before you spend tons of time trying to solve them. 

I just don’t get that sort of ignorance in today’s world. And, ignorance is not a bad word here. It simply means you don’t know that you don’t know.

In today’s information packed environment there is no excuse for not making efforts to know.

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