Sunday, October 9, 2016

Flan and Busting Her Fanny

During Hurricane Matthew’s visit to North Carolina a friend and I visited some folks for dinner.  Among the guests were two sisters, 13 and 10. They were a delight; high energy, smart, articulate, and engaging!

As you can imagine, these young people, closed up inside a house during a storm, were zooming around the house burning up energy. They were both wearing socks and they enjoyed sliding on the hardwood floors…until…Flannery, or Flan, the younger, took too quick a turn.

As seems to happen in moments like this time slowed down. I looked over just as Flan’s feet flew out from under her. She was too far away for me to reach out and grab her, and it seemed to take forever for her to hit, butt first, on the floor. 

In an instant after she hit the floor, though, her face went from stunned and surprised to…a big smile! She reached under a couch and said, “Lisey (her 18-month old cousin), I found your ball!!”

Instantly, she had turned what could have been a negative situation (she crashed and burned in front of her sister and a group of adults) into a wonderfully positive one. 

I immediately thought, if most adults could exhibit Flan’s coolness under pressure we’d all be in much better shape.

What kind of challenge are you running into now? What's the silver lining? Whose ball can you find under the couch?


  1. I love this! You have a talent for turning the mundane into something extraordinary!

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