Friday, January 6, 2017

3 Days With Bean Eaters!!!!

Stopped by Whole Foods last night to grab some last minute supplies before the blizzard. It was a panic!!

Every register was working and the lines stretched back up into the aisles. A worrisome thought was that the longest line was in the aisle where they keep the beans. Spending 3 days snowed in with a bunch of people who’ve been living off beans is not my idea of a great weekend…especially where there’s a fireplace in use!!!!

The thought that struck me as I left (no, I’m not a line-stander so I went to Food Lion and things were fine) was that most of those people—most of us, for that matter—will spend more time planning for a couple of snow days than we will planning to have a successful life.

Think about it…when I ask people in seminars how many of them make lists to help them be more effective and efficient I’ll get, MAYBE, 1/3 of the group raising their hands. But, they’ll make a grocery list in a skinny minute.

After graduation from high school or college the vast majority of Americans never read a whole book the rest of their lives. But, they’ll stand in an aisle reading the nutrition content on a box or pull a People magazine off a rack near the register and read it.

And, when I look in people’s baskets I see chocolate chip cookies and ice cream, beer, wine and mixers. Now, I love all that stuff, but you know a bunch of those folks are going to wake up on Sunday morning, look in fridge and think, “Dang, we’re out of eggs, milk and bread.”

“But, we do have beans.”

Will someone open a window…puhleeze!!

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