Monday, January 9, 2017

Momma Called...Stick With Me On This...

STOP!!! I’m going to use a phrase in a moment and some of you will automatically want to click away from the blog….I’m asking you to hang on a second and see if I have something to offer you can use.

Here we go: Tonight is the college football national championship (that’s the phrase….click, click, click…see, I told you some folks would bail!)

This morning one of the ESPN talking heads was interviewing Shaun Alexander, a former Alabama All-America and NFL MVP. Alexander was asked about Dabo Swinney, the head coach at Clemson and a former Alabama player and coach, possibly becoming Alabama’s coach if UA Head Football Coach Nick Saban retired.

Alexander said, “You never know, but when momma calls….”

The talking head thought the comment was cute and kept repeating it. She obviously had no clue that the comment was based on history, on truth; maybe you don’t know the history either. 

So, here it is: In 1957, Paul “Bear” Bryant was coaching Texas A&M….short story is that he had pulled the Aggies out of the doldrums and made them winners…unfortunately, Alabama, his home team, had run into some down seasons…Bryant took over the Alabama football team in 1958 and went on to become a legend in college football. 

When asked why he came back to Alabama, he replied "Momma called. And when Momma calls, you just have to come runnin'." 

Shaun Alexander was simply repeating the thought from a legendary story.

The comment jumped out at me because a lot of us don’t realize what, for each of us, momma really is. Granted, for the vast majority of us momma isn’t really…well…momma, anymore.

But, what if you understand that momma is really your key motivating factor? What if it is the thing/issue/belief/truth—or maybe, yes, a person—for whom you would do anything? You’d move mountains, change your habits, get moving, stand up to anything or anyone! 

We all know the old phrase, Who’s your daddy?

The real question, if you want the life you say you want, is…what’s your momma? What, if it/they called, would bring you runnin’?

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