Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Best Advice

In December, I attended a party for the daughter of a friend. The young woman graduated from UNC-G and, as you can imagine, her mother and all concerned were delighted.

One of the guests brought an interesting activity. Each of the other guests was given an “Advice for the Graduate” sheet and asked to fill it in. Any and all of the advice would be valuable to any graduate…or anyone, at various times of life. 

Here it is:
Be ready to___________________________
Never forget to ________________________
Be open to ____________________________
Prepare for ____________________________
Always remember to ____________________
Don’t allow yourself to __________________
Focus on ______________________________
Don’t be afraid to _______________________
Always keep ___________________________
Always think ___________________________

Take just a moment and fill in the blanks for yourself.

PS…except for “Don’t allow yourself to,” the word “Love” is wonderfully fitting for all the blanks. 

Send this to someone you think might appreciate it.