Monday, May 15, 2017

A Six-Pack and a Helium Balloon

A month ago I turned 65. A friend left a six-pack of Trader Joe’s Ale  with a Happy Birthday! balloon tied to it on my front porch.

The six-pack didn’t last very long at all. But, the balloon lasted A MONTH!!! I tied the long string to a lamp in the living room and was delighted every time I walked into the room. (Which tells me I should buy helium balloons every now and then and tie them up in the house!)

On Saturday I awoke to find that the balloon had sunk to about 2 feet above the floor. Made me kinda sad to think I wouldn’t see it around. However, when I clipped the string near the balloon’s neck it rose, wonderfully, to the ceiling.

That’s life, isn’t it? We feel ourselves slowly descending, but if we snip off something that is dragging us down—a belief, a person, a habit, a thing—we are lighter, stronger and better able to rise.

PS…here’s a thought…it’s usually better to be the snipper than the snippee. So, if, when you read the blog above you thought, “I could get snipped!” you need to closely look at the situation prompting the thought.  Sometimes, though, we need to be snipped to get us moving. 

Please pass this on to someone who needs to snip or be snipped.

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