Friday, May 26, 2017

Here's a Moment for This Weekend

So, friends, what's up for Memorial Day Weekend?

Are you planning a beach trip, cookout, ballgame, or are you staying home and piddling around or reading or both?

Whatever you are doing, please take a moment and remember the reason for Memorial Day; it is in remembrance of those "who died in active military service."

I don't know about you, but I often think of men and women, young and old, who experienced all kinds of deaths in places well-remembered, forgotten, or never known.

And, they did it on our behalf.

That's the part you need to remember; they died so that I could sit here in my office in safety and type this memorium; so you could sit in safety and read it.

I believe their spirits are with us always. I believe a lot of them are looking at what they defended and are thinking (if that's what they do), "WTF??!!!"

I'm not busting the people in power right now because that's a polarizing act. However, I am busting what's happening; a dramatic drop in respect for the United States around the world, confusion among the people who should know what they are doing, and legislative decisions that seem to put at risk those of us who are the weakest and least able to take care of themselves.

So much of what we see now is not what people sacrificed their lives for at Lexington, Gettysburg, the Sorbonne, Belleau Wood, Iwo Jima, Heartbreak Ridge, the Tet Offensive, Baghdad and Basra.

We owe those who made the ultimate sacrifice more than we are now giving.

Remember them when you're having a beer and burger this weekend. Remember them--at least for a moment--on a Monday you will, in all probability, safely enjoy thanks to their sacrifices.

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