Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Yelling At a 3-Year Old

If a fearful, 3-year old child came to you with a problem what would you say and do? 

Would you berate them, yell at them that they are stupid and a loser, or, at worst, slapp’em around a little and tell’em to suck it up and be tough?

While there are animals, idiots, and misguided people in the world who might do all those things most of us would find solutions of that type of be the farthest things from our minds. (In fact, even reading that sentence made some of you uncomfortable)

The vast majority of us would listen, sympathize and empathize, calm the child and offer help.

Now, here’s the problem: Most of us, when we come to ourselves with a challenge, treat ourselves in the rougher, less human and understanding way.

No kidding.

We are much harder on ourselves than we are on others. 

There’s a wonderful quote that says, “When we are in our own minds we are behind enemy lines.”

What would you do if you—as a 3-year old—came to you with a challenge? How would you listen? How would you sympathize and empathize? How would you help yourself step up to the challenge, deal with it, and move on?

This isn’t fluffy-thinking silliness, or being too soft on yourself, or dodging the issue. This is becoming more self-aware, which most of us are not. 

What is a challenge you are facing right now? If a 3-year old, or a good friend, came to you with the same issue how would you treat them? What would you say? 

Try that with yourself and cut yourself a little slack. And, when you face the challenge and do what you can, give yourself a reward.

Treat your 3-year old to some ice cream. 

Rocky Road would be nice.

With sprinkles.

And Kool Whip.

I’m just sayin’. 

***I bet you know someone who could use this message...send it to them.

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