Thursday, July 27, 2017

It Only Takes a Second

Too often we allow an experience, a moment, an instant to drag our energy, our vibration, down. Then we’re in a funk the rest of the day.

However, the same phenomenon can happen in a way that moves us in the opposite—the positive—direction.

This morning I’ve had five phone calls, in a row, that were all positive, uplifting and, well, fun!

I get it that you’re thinking, “Well, I sure didn’t have that!” I understand. 

Here’s the point, though, what’s something positive you can think about for a few minutes that pulls your vibration, your energy, up? Is it a person, an experience, a dream or something with your senses (sight/smell/taste/touch/hear)?

I hate to admit this, but I awoke this morning and immediately started thinking about a whole range of stressful things. This is a high pressure time in a number of ways and I could feel myself slowing down.

Then it happened! I had a thought that was the solution to a problem and, literally, within seconds, I could feel my mood lighten, my energy jump and my anticipation of getting on with the day grow dramatically!

If you’re feeling challenged like I am right now you can come up with a thought for at least a few minutes that moves you out of the stress lane and into the fast-moving, lighter-heart lane.

Try it! You’ll like it!!

BTW…I don’t usually plug my programs here, but the 5 phone calls were with people who want me to come present The Perfect Workday program for them and that’s my favorite seminar to present…so how cool is that?!!

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