Wednesday, September 27, 2017

I'm Human...In Spite of What You've Heard

The last two blogs have touched on seeing the world through mistake-colored glasses and and playing misery poker.

Yesterday, I heard two words that--while they don't make everything fine--can put life into perspective.

I'm human.

Now...I realize there are some folks out there who would disagree with me being human but...well...that's them.

A friend recently paid me a wonderful compliment by telling me, "You're one of the most postive people I know."

Unfortunately, though, I have a bad habit at times of hammering myself for some of the things I do/have done in life. In the last 24 hours, though, I've been focusing on the I'm Human thought and it's slowed me down on the negativity.

Try it. You're probably thinking of something right now for which you've have been putting yourself down.

Think, "I'm human."

As Sister Helen Prejean, the anti-capital punishment activist said in her book, The Death of Innocents, "People are more than the worst thing they have done in their lives."

You're human.

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