Tuesday, October 10, 2017

What About This Question?

Just received the note below from a seminar participant. She is referring to my suggestion about The Question Corner. In ANY type of meeting you should write, What? Why? Who? Where? When? Where? How? and How Much? in the upper left-hand corner of your notepad. The questions raise your level of attention and retention, help you come up with better questions and lower miscommunication. 

Seems like it worked for her.

Good Evening Mike,

I know we will see each other at class this week, but I was excited and just had to write to thank you.  

Because of your class last week I went into a meeting today with my list of who, what, when, where, why & how much questions.  For the first time, using your tips from class, I was able to listen, ask the appropriate questions and leave the meeting well educated and confident.  I followed up with her after the meeting as instructed.  Because of all this I will be able to put together a strong presentation to the new market.  

Thank you again for your time and knowledge.


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