Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Watch the Coaches!!!

One of the reasons I love March Madness is that emotionally it can feel like life-or-death; but it isn’t. However, start watching the games with a little bit of different attention. Start watching coaches and how they react to stress. You’ll see the yellers and stompers, the quiet contemplaters and the exploders. The most interesting thing to me is that when something happens and a time-out is called coaches gather aside with their assistants for a few seconds, come up with a unified plan and then present it to the team. When something stressful happens in YOUR life do you do the same? Do you get together with helpers—at least in your own mind—and take a moment to gather your thoughts? Or, do you stomp, yell (at least in your own mind) and explode? In a game, if coaches get too out of control they get a technical and maybe get tossed from the game. In life, you get a failure.

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