Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What Got Us Here?

I believe the parade to congratulate the New Orleans Saints for their Super Bowl win will held today or tomorrow. There may be over 750,000 people attending.

Again, congratulations!

But, what’s next?

I’m sure a reasonable person would say, “Why worry about what’s next, right now? It’s time to celebrate!”

True, but the seeds of the next accomplishment—or failure—are sewn in the celebration of the current victory.

How can you use the energy, momentum and knowledge acquired to boost you to the next victory?

All kinds of organizations, military, sports, law enforcement and corporate, use debriefings after wins or losses to focus on what led to the successes or failures. Then, they try to institutionalize the successful strategies and create plans that, hopefully, keep them from making the same mistakes that led to the failures.

Whenever you have a win, take a moment—or more—to celebrate. But, consider taking a chunk of time after the celebration to ask yourself two questions:
- What did I do right that helped me gain the victory?
- What would I do differently?

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