Monday, August 8, 2011

Is Miss Mexico a Fatty?

Here in lovely San Antonio the fact that Miss Mexico won't be allowed to compete for the Miss World pageant is causing a stir. It seems that the beauty queen gained 6 (six) pounds and Mexican contest officials think she's too fat.

The folks in San Antonio know the feeling...they booted their Miss San Antonio for the same official told her to "lay off the tacos" and gave the crown to the runner-up. The PR official who said that is probably now driving one of the wonderful, red trolleys here in town.

Miss S.A. sued and won her crown back.

I can gain six pounds at a Hooters in about 2 hours (not that I've ever been to a Hooters; I understand they're lovely).

The whole point is that as long as you don't go whole hog (no pun intended, of course) enjoying life shouldn't get you penalized.

Stay away from the buffets, drink more water and move a little more.

That's the ticket.

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